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Civil Engineering Projects. Roads, Tunnels, Structures, Drainage, Hydraulics.

Civil Projects

We deliver a wide variety of construction projects including motorways, bridges, tunnels, structures, airports, hydraulic works, maritime works, railway infrastructures, etc.    
We provide a comprehensive service on all areas included in the construction business. We work in all different stages of the construction process, supporting our clients from the very first idea conception phase until the completion of the different phases of projects, and as a manpower-specialized subcontractor as well.  
Wherever there is a project involving multiple variables, FORTIS is able to form and deploy a management team which will help achieve the planned objectives. Our staff is our greatest asset. We have had hundreds of onsite workers carrying out works, tasks and crafts in very different fields of expertise: formworkers, rebar´s, officers, foremen, tunneling workers, electricians, mechanics, assistants, safety officers, etc. The highest percentage of our skilled workers is from Romania, Spain and Portugal. Our workers are used to work in international locations with highest quality standards.

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